Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Rain

It's like that summer rain that's unexpected.
That tap on the shoulder from someone behind you.
That spark that you didn't think was there,
with that guy you've seen a thousand times.
The beauty you find underneath those layers of paint
on that human canvas.
Suprising isn't it?
That what we think we want is never there...
But what we need more than anything can be right there,
staring you the face.

---Lisha Michel

Friday, May 21, 2010

Peanut Butter

So I was a total flake I will admit it. In my post about the update on my life I forgot to include an amazing person that I have met and become amazing best friends with!!!! Her name is Arryn and seriously this girl is aMAHzing! We seriously just started talking one Thursday about 7 weeks ago and have been laughing our guts out ever since. We are like PB&J. (She's the pb, I'm the J) Arryn is amazingly talented and plays the French Horn among MANY MANY MANY others! She just got accepted into the Weber music program and I could not be more happy for her. :) She will do absolutely wonderful! In closing, (Sounds like a talk haha) I just want to thank her for her super fantastic friendship! It's so cool to find someone that you just click with :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's like I'm here, but invisible.
Clear but opaque.
Consumed yet empty.
It's like I'm liquid and melting,
But strong and sturdy.
Nothing makes sense, but when you hold
my hand. I understand.
Everything is just as it should be.
When I see your face, The world around me is blurry.
But you are in focus. And when you speak those sweet melodious
sounds that you define as words, My heart
skips a beat.
Too bad you are just a dream.
A dream that only happens, everytime I breathe.

--Lisha Michel

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Do People ever just bug?

Okay so here's how it's going.....
PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man! Okay so I'm not perfect by ANY means, but I think that in today's society people should have some social skills! Being Socially inept should no longer be an issue when you're an adult, but especially when you are going into an industry that is all about customer service. There is this girl, let's call her Carol. Carol has some issues around people. She has a hard time listening and paying attention, then having really weird questions on top of it. I was having such a hard time in class today focusing because I was watching Carol! It was kind of ridiculous. She was a huge distraction to everyone in class.
My new goal is to to have patience with Carol. I realized that while writing that paragraph I need to be kind. I need to see her as my Heavenly Father sees her, and he sees her for all that she is worth. It's so hard to be nice to people that bother you! Anyone have any suggestions???

Love, Lisha

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy these days!

So it's been like a century since I blogged last and honestly, I missed it! I'm going to try and do it every other day! It's like therapy for me. So much has happened! Let's see if I can remember it all....

I have gone on Spring Break to DisneyLand with the Tanner and had so much fun I couldn't even see straight!
I turned 19! (Not too sure how I feel about that)
I officially have a 1 year old brother.
I have had blonde, red, and now Purple Fringe (bangs)
I checked my hours at school today and am at 1218!!!! (I need 2000)
My Tanner has moved to Orlando :/ I mean :) (Because I am being supportive and all)
I am still in LOVE with life and am currently trying this new thing where I get inspired by everything around me. So far? Not too shabby.
I am writing poetry whenever I get the chance.
I LOVE cutting hair!
My next career move is still undecided!
Last but not least, I am still currently....available ;)

I think that about covers it. I am trying so hard everyday to do what is right. At times, I'm not gonna lie it is really challenging!!! I am truly blessed to have AMAZING people by my side to help me through this crazy journey I call my life. :) I don't know what I would do without them.

Love, Lisha ;)