Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can't help it

From the curves of my hips
and the chocolate in my eyes,
I can't help but feel beautiful.
I can't help but spread my joy,
My love of this life.
Because we only get one chance...
One chance to feel desireable,
and sexy. and gorgeous, and lovely.
And I feel all these things.
I'm deeply in love with
these flaws that you see.
The things tht make me; me.
I know what I am,
I know what I'm not.
And I know that I'm not
going to be the one for you...
If you can't see what
I do.

---Lisha Michel

Friday, June 25, 2010


At times I feel invisble,
Even when your hand touches mine.
Your face is clear as glass,
But I cannot cross that line.
The empty space that fills my heart,
A place that you once knew....
Why are you so distant now?
It's like we're someplace untrue.
...So stop pretending...
My heart is broken already!
But you probably can't even see
it. Because I'm invisible.
To you.