Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Best.

So this birthday started out like any other. It was my first birthday technically "away" from home, and I was sad. Not the kind of sad that made me mopey or anything, just sad in the way that I'm growing up and things change. So it was getting to that time of night where the night changes to morning and I celebrated with the two best guys I know, at a playground. My best friends Scott and Tim. I also had that first Diet Coke I've had in 50 whole days!!! GO ME! Anyway Scott made some really great toasts that I will not soon forget. They were beautiful. So I came home that night, unplanned. I couldn't wait to get home because my friends from Canada were here and I just love them so much. So I hung out with them for a few days and loved every minute. Then on Friday I had a tour at USU where I met with the acting professor and got an unexpected audition! Most nerve wracking and exciting thing ever! I'll know soon :) but then after some other events, I came home to a SURPRISE PARTY with all of the people that I love here :) I seriously had no idea it was happening. Not even a clue. BEST EVER. I'm so blessed to have so many beautiful and wonderful people in my life :) Thank you to all who made my birthday so incredibly special. I will NEVER forget it!

xoxo, Lisha

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brown Eyes

Looking in that glass that shows my reflection
I can't help but notice a few things.
My black hair that shines and sparkles.
My peaches and cream skin that is soft to the touch.
My lips that are full of plumpness.
And my eyes.
My eyes that I once thought were dull. And boring.
My eyes that I would have traded for any other color like a food item from my elementary school lunch box.
But now I see,
they are much more than brown. But a bronze chocolate brought to life. They are deep and exotic. Lovely and under rated.
They are all I have of you.
All that I will ever have.
Like you left them behind.

-Lisha Michel