Friday, February 15, 2013

Almost the Last.

So it's the second to last show for "Almost, Maine" and I honestly feel like just crying. I have loved this so much it hurts.
After a semester long break of doing nothing creative I was so thirsty for something to challenge me. Probably hungry too. Yeah, I was hungry and thirsty. And when I finally got the opportunity to audition I threw myself in and magic happened.
I will admit, the part I got was not the part I wanted. But I got to be on stage with my best friend Scott and that was pretty cool. He was so excited. Like more than excited, but I'm not really sure the word for that. So just imagine that feeling.
I decided to be happy that I could be a part of something, at least.
And then finally (I don't remember which rehearsal it was) I got excited. I got excited to be speaking, to be silent. I got excited to hear about a snowball. I got excited to sit on a bench with Scott every freaking night.

Honestly, I'm on stage for all of 5 minutes. And honestly, it's been my favorite 5 minutes I've spent in a really long time.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. It's been a blast.

But a special thank you to Pete.
Thanks for waiting me.

xoxoxo, Lisha